Nishaea richardson

A mom of one son is a multifaceted professional blending expertise in administration support with a growing award-winning business in financial coaching. Nishaea, brings a unique perspective to her role as The PlayMoney Coach, aiming to empower women in fostering healthier relationships with their finances.

Nishaea embarked on a journey to address her own financial challenges of maxed out credit cards, multiple personal loans, no savings, bad credit and ultimately transforming them into triumphs. While reflecting on her triumphs, she saw the need to help other women do the same.

Drawing from 3+ years of hands-on experience, Nishaea has emerged as a formidable presence in the field. She has collaborated with dozens of clients, offering personalized coaching sessions, workshops, and presentations both virtually and in-person. Her approach is informed by her certification as a Six Sigma Yellow-Belt, enabling her to optimize money management processes and deliver tangible, efficient results for her clients.

As well as advanced education through the Financial Coach Academy, a rigorous program equipping her with skills equivalent to those of an MBA in financial coaching. Her commitment to ongoing learning and growth underscores her dedication to providing top-notch guidance on financial literacy, money management, and mindset. Nishaea serves on the board of the Albany Land Trust and volunteers her time to her Neighborhood Association and other community organizations.

Some of the organizations she is currently in partnership with are The Affordable Housing Partnership of the Capital Region and The Capital Region Community Loan Fund, providing financial wellness to the clients to reduce the racial wealth gap and support small business owners to financial success.

Nishaea's mission is clear

To empower high-achieving women to take charge of their finances with confidence and grace, enabling them to cultivate more play money for the activities and things they value. Nishaea Richardson stands as a beacon of inspiration and support for women seeking financial freedom and empowerment.

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