I’M Nishaea richardson

Money Coach, Financial Wellness Instructor, Speaker, Thought Leader

I work with high-achieving professionals who want to master their money to have more play money to do the things they enjoy like travel debt free!

I’M Nishaea richardson

Financial Coach, Financial Wellness Instructor, Speaker, Thought Leader

I work with high-achieving professionals who want to master their money to have more play money to do the things they enjoy like travel debt free!

Financial Wellness Workshops & Event Speaker

Are you seeking an inspiring financial wellness workshop or event speaker to empower your employees or members to take charge of their finances? Look no further! My workshops and events are crafted to help individuals gain clarity and confidence in their financial journey. I am passionate about guiding others to enhance their financial well-being and achieve their financial goals.

Financial Coaching

Financial coaching designed to empower you to understand your unique relationship with money and develop a personalized plan to achieve your financial goals. It's more than just advice—it's about guiding you to make informed decisions that align with your values and aspirations.

Through personalized one-on-one sessions, I'll collaborate with you to craft a tailored money plan that lays the foundation for lasting financial success. Together, we'll explore your financial landscape, address any challenges, and implement strategies to propel you towards your goals.

How Can I Benefit from Financial Coaching

Money Moves

By enhancing your relationship with money, you can take control of your finances and make your money work for you. You'll learn to set clear financial boundaries, trust yourself in managing your money, and track your progress effectively.

Along the way, you'll make necessary adjustments and gain confidence in your financial decisions. Best of all, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're on track to achieve your financial goals.

Money Management

Traditional methods often rely on guesswork and can be challenging to maintain. With a personalized money plan, you'll gain the foresight to keep your finances in perfect order. This approach is ideal for anyone eager to take charge of their money, prioritize saving, debt payoff, investing, and preparing for future expenses. After partnering with me, you'll be empowered to:

-Design a realistic money plan tailored to your lifestyle.

-Save money effortlessly while still enjoying life.

-Reach your financial goals faster than you ever imagined.

Money Mindset

Many of us are limited by our beliefs about money. We might think we can't have it, don't deserve it, or must work excessively hard for it. But what if there was a different way? What if you could invite more money into your life simply by changing your mindset?

I will guide you beyond basic budgeting and the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality, helping you to shift your perspective and open yourself to greater financial abundance. With this new understanding, you'll build a healthier relationship with money and achieve lasting improvements in your financial well-being.

Accountability & Support

Achieving financial success requires accountability and support. We thrive when we have a community that understands our journey and supports us along the way. With my personalized and group coaching, you'll receive the perfect blend of accountability and support. I'll be your cheerleader, coach, and friend, empowering you towards lifelong financial success.

Together, we'll celebrate milestones, overcome challenges, and create a path to financial freedom

About Me

Hey! I'm Nishaea Richardson, a financial coach with 3+ years of experience under my belt and a passion for helping others build a healthier relationship with their money.

I am the owner of Wealth Phenom LLC, d.b.a. She's the Budget Guru where money management, financial wellness, and financial success are the focus.

I like to share that I was not always financially savvy and made a bunch of money mistakes before I started to change my financial blueprint. Yes, I was the overachieving people pleaser that sacrificed my finances to make other people happy. The result of that were maxed our credit cards, financially abusive relationships, repossession on my credit report, no savings, no retirement contributions from my paycheck, more debt than I can manage and living paycheck to paycheck.

With a shift in my mindset, a decision to elevate my self-worth and live a better life, I turned it all around. When we work together, I share the blueprint with you by taking you through my 6M Wealth Acceleration Methodology.

Who can benefit from this coaching?

This coaching is tailored for high-achieving professionals who find themselves earning more than ever before, yet seek guidance in identifying and achieving their financial goals. Whether you're seeking accountability, financial literacy, or understanding of money behaviors hindering your progress, this coaching is for you. Through our sessions, you'll:

  • Gain insight into your spending habits and become an empowered consumer.

  • Develop a money management strategy that aligns with your desired lifestyle.

  • Explore the emotional and psychological aspects of managing money and living within your means.

  • Establish a solid financial foundation.

  • Effectively manage and eliminate debt.

  • Create a savings plan tailored to your short-term and long-term goals.

  • Acquire essential financial literacy skills.

  • And much more...


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I am excited to offer this wonderful resource to those seeking to improve their financial situation. Here, you will learn how to budget your money more effectively, set realistic goals, and become more financially empowered. Our community is dedicated to providing support and guidance so that you can achieve true financial abundance. We invite you to explore all that we have to offer and learn how to make powerful money moves that will change your life for the better. Thank you for choosing us as your partner on this journey!

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